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"So, tell me about yourself..."

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Corporate Mindset Coach
Motivational Speaker

I have worked in the entertainment industry for 30 + years, from on-camera to production and on the corporate business side. I worked in radio, television (both cable & broadcast) and spent my last 14 years in the business at 20th Century Fox. After leaving Fox, I wanted to help other corporate professionals successfully navigate their careers and personal life on their terms so I became a Corporate Performance Coach and officially opened my own practice, Robert Lane Coaching in August of 2020.


I've helped career professionals on all levels, from Coordinators to Directors to VP's. It doesn't matter where you are on the corporate ladder. The daily pressures and stresses of the job are real. Corporate burnout is real. If these issues are not addressed, your work and your personal life will suffer. You deserve much better.

The first step is to take action now. Excuses = no action = no growth and that is bad math. Schedule a Clarity Call with me. If The Mindset Method is right for you, then we will do an in-depth consultation and dive deep to assess where you are, what's working, what isn't working and where you want to be. 

I see too many people putting their self-care on the back burner. I get it, time is a valuable asset, especially when you have a job, family, kids, and other obligations but what good are they if you are unhealthy? As a coach, I don't just provide information, I provide transformation.

Click the button to schedule your free 15 minute Clarity Call assessment today!

Robert A. Lane
career PERFORMANCE Coach

I help career professionals excel at their job without anxiety & burnout!

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